Friday, September 26, 2008

Ben's first and hopefully not last football game!

This was Ben's first game. It was against Mckinnely. Mahone won 6-0 YEAH!!!! 
During football camp before school started Ben said his heel hurt. We didn't think much of it because his whole body was hurting. He then complained about it a few more times but not all that much. Then one day after practice he said that he had a hard time getting his shoe off because his heel was so swollen. Then it hit me that I totally forgot that I am dealing with a child that has amazing tolerance for pain. When he was little he tore all of the ligaments on the top of his foot and never said anything and we wouldn't of known except he was crawling everywhere instead of walking. Any way back to now. I called our friend who is a podiatrist and before I even finished my sentence he was telling me what it is. He suggested getting Ben in to have xrays. So Oct 1 Ben will be going to see the Dr. Hopefully it will be good news. But in the mean time we could not convince him to not play in that game. So here are the highlights!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is what we woke up to this morning!

At 5:30 this morning I was awoken by a loud boom. The girls came rushing into our room because it scared them too. Brian calmed them down and told them it was only a back fire from a car. Then they went back to bed. I kept thinking that it sounded more like  gun fire. 5-10 minutes later we heard sirens then I thought for sure it was a shooting! Brian was  getting ready for meetings and when he was getting ready to leave I started hearing voices outside and didn't hear the garage door open. I got dressed and went down stairs as Brian came rushing back into the house. He pulled me outside and pointed to the roof of the house that was behind the house at the end of our cul de sac. This is what I saw! 

He then proceeded to tell me that a helicopter crashed through the top of this house. We then walked around to the front of the house and this was the site! The amazing thing is from the other side you can see through the front door and there is a lamp in the window that is to the left of the door that is standing there like nothing happened!

That is the helicopter on the front lawn of the house across the street. All the white stuff is foam they used to put out the fire. Luckily the plane stopped before it went into the house! I heard later that the black box ended up behind the house!

This is the roof of the porch. They said the helicopter hit the back top of the house then crashed right down the middle of the house and out the front door. Now that is is 4 hours later they have it all taped off and you can't get as close as we could this morning. The fireman said they are just waiting for the house to colapse.

The family that lived in the house had 3 little kids under 9. They are all ok. The 2 people in the helicopter were not so lucky. When I go outside and realize exactly how close that house is to mine I am grateful that we were so blessed to have it not happen to our home. They had 3 bed rooms upstairs and only 2 were being slept in and the helicopter went through the one that nobody was in. Very sobering thought when I realize if that had been our house it would of gone right through Ben's room. 

Look at this site to see the kids on the news.

See the video below:

Friday, September 19, 2008


I can't believe that I have a football player. Ben is really enjoying football. He comes home from practice telling us about all of the people he "Layed out"! He is playing Line Backer and loves going after the QB. He comes home with many injuries but has yet to complain. I have to say as much as Brian loves watching football he doesn't get the attitude it takes to play. Both him and Baxter shake their heads when Ben starts talking about taking people out. I love it!!!   He is definately a BENNETT!!!! We gave him the right name!
Oh by the way Ben is the one in the back with the red shirt hanging out!
He just got his game jersy today he is #45. He has a scrimage tomorrow so hopefully more pictures will follow!

Last fling before school started!

Josh and Jody came down a few days to have some fun! So we took our sons to Six Flags. It was a total blast! I always forget how much I love roller coasters!
Jody was to scared to go on the Giant Drop so she was in charge of pictures. Baxter had a penny in his hand to see what would happen when we dropped. It actually flew up so high that we never saw it again. I have to say it was pretty cool.

Don't they all look thrilled to be there. This is one of those awww mom moments! Josh Lyons, Ben, Daffy Duck, Josh Sproul, and Baxter.
The before picture on Raging Bull! Notice how calm everyone looks!
This was the during picture as you can see my boys take after me! Jody was terrified and wouldn't let go of my arm so that was as high as I could raise my hands. Notice Ben behind me. Typical Ben Ben!

I'm "7" YEAH!!!!

We are a little late on posts. Her birthday is August 24 and we did celebrate on her birthday it just has taken me forever to post them!
The Birthday Girl with Baxter in the traditional birthday hat!

Bennett and Cassie
Best of Friends! Every year on birthdays when the kids give each other presents they have to say something nice and why they love them. Mari said that whenever she gets hurt Cassie always gives her hugs and makes her feel better. Hopefully this lasts! If not we have it recorded to remind them!
Cassie and Mom all of her presents were on Friday because we were not going to have time the day of her birthday.
However we did have time for a special birthday cake that the birthday girl helped mom make!

Monday, September 1, 2008

North Beach Activities

We spent the day at the beach and of course forgot the camera. We did have a total blast! We are now ready for school to start tomorrow. At least I am. Baxter is terrified of starting high school. Ben is playing football this year so hopefully I will have a few pictures of that in the next few days. Mari is in 4th grade and has an awesome teacher. Cassie is in 2nd and also has a great teacher. I have to admit I am happy for them to go back to school but I am also sad to see the end of summer! But that means November and Disney is just that much closer.