Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Going from having to being in-laws!

When my husband and I first got married we wanted to move away from both of our parents. So as soon as my husband graduated we moved from Utah to Chicago. Both of our mothers were both very controlling and were upset with the other because they thought that the other one was controlling us. In reality neither of them were controlling us. We lived so far away that we lived our own lives the way that we wanted to.

When it came to meshing our two families it was not a very hard thing to do. We were lucky in the fact that our parents and families had a lot in common. We were able to take the things that we wanted from each of our families and form our own traditions. We were also lucky that both of our families accepted the choices that we made.

Now I am an in-law. My son was married last December.

 I now understand  how hard it was for my parents and in laws. I have a wonderful daughter in law and she has made a great addition to our family. Though I can see some of the things that her and Baxter are doing that he normally my son would not of done. I am not saying that this is a bad thing because I can see how she is changing him for the good. I am doing my best to try and be a kind understanding and grateful mother in law. It was hard giving up and letting go of my first born. I can see how the things that he has learned and the characteristics of being the first born have made being married easier for him.

I have four children so it was interesting when I read the descriptions about each child.

   Firstborn – My firstborn is Baxter and he followed most of the characteristics. He does tend to take charge and is very good with setting a budget and saving money. He also if very ambitious and is very hard on himself.

·     Second Born – My second child is Bennett. He also follows a few of the characteristics described. He does hate being controlled and he does really care what other people think of him. He also tends to spend money more freely then my oldest. I would have to say however that it is not really important for him to keep up with the Joneses.

·  Middle Born – 3rd child, first girl, Maritza. She often reminds us of the time that we left her at culver’s and had to turn around to get her. She is my peacemaker and does try to please everyone. However she does not seem sensitive to having things fair.

         Last Born – Cassie is my last child and my second girl. She is spoiled rotten and pampered. Though that is where the similarities end. She is great with her money and is very kind, loving and hilarious.

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