Saturday, July 2, 2016

Why is “SEX” taboo?

Most people when they are telling their children about sex they focus on the aspect of avoiding sex and how bad it is before marriage. The part that we tend to not focus on is that, sex is designed by our Heavenly Father.

When talking to our children we need to let them know that although sex is inappropriate before marriage it is something that is to be experienced in marriage. We need to let our children know the importance of sexual intimacy to Heavenly Fathers plan. It is a sacred and joyful thing if done in the correct and appropriate way. If this is not something that we tell our children they will not be ready for what is going to happen when they do get married.

When I was engaged to my husband his roommate was also engaged. I was speaking to his fiancé one day and she was letting me know how scared she was for her wedding night. She mentioned that her fiancé was willing to be patient and wait as long as she needed him to. It was shocking to me that she felt that way. Now as an adult and after reading this weeks assignments it made me realize that she was probably scared about sex and not really informed about what it really meant. If her parents had been more forthcoming about what sex was really about she might not have been so scared.

I also wanted to talk about the following questions.
1.   As a married person, what are some wise precautions you will take to safeguard your marriage from infidelity.
2.   In marriage, what will you do to help protect yourself and your spouse from the damaging influence of pornography?

My husband travels at least 2 weeks out of every month. There are quite a few things that he does to avoid the above situations.
1.   He never watches TV when he is in a hotel. This makes sure that he does not have any chance of even mistakenly coming across pornography.
2.   He makes sure that he is never alone with someone of the opposite sex.

3.   We also Skype every night before bed. We do this to make sure that we can say goodnight every night.

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