Monday, September 1, 2008

North Beach Activities

We spent the day at the beach and of course forgot the camera. We did have a total blast! We are now ready for school to start tomorrow. At least I am. Baxter is terrified of starting high school. Ben is playing football this year so hopefully I will have a few pictures of that in the next few days. Mari is in 4th grade and has an awesome teacher. Cassie is in 2nd and also has a great teacher. I have to admit I am happy for them to go back to school but I am also sad to see the end of summer! But that means November and Disney is just that much closer.


Oby and Tara Bennett said...

Wow, it sounds like tomorrow is a big day for the kids! wish them luck from us! Hey, we're going to Disney in November.... Land that is, so I guess we won't see ya, you're probably going to World. We're getting so excited too! I think Chloe will love it, and I know Oby and I will love it!

temaire said...

It is kind of nice to have some time 'kid-free' but it is also sad to not have them around all of the time! lol

Okay, which Disney are you going to? Is it for Christmas? how fun! I love anything Disney!

Rosy said...

Hi Brother and Sister Bruner!
This is Rosy Craig (Aquino)
I don't know if you remember me lol
I just wanted to say hi
here is the address to my blog
I actually don't blog that much
just post pictures. And when i do blog in there is in spanish to keep in touch with my family in Monterrey and so they can read it.

Well ... i hope you all are doing ok.

Chris said...

Hey you are almost as bad as I am. Finally posted on my blog. How is it going there?