Monday, February 21, 2011

Here we go to yet another Doctor!! Baxter is still having stomach problems. He came home on Wed and said he will go on any diet I want to put him on that will make him better. A friend suggest Gluten Free. So that is what we tried. He has been doing that since Thursday. He said that there has been somewhat of a difference..

Now comes the bad news. A friend suggested a new GI Dr. I have an appointment on Friday. Which is good news but for them to be able to test to see what he has he has to eat Gluten. So he gets to go back to eating what he wants but also deal with the pain.

So until Friday that is all we know....

Monday, February 14, 2011


You can't go wrong with a Disney Valentine!!
When the kids were little I would always leave a bag of goodies for them to find on valentines day. I made the bags last week and had them in my room. After seminary this morning the boys asked if I had presents for them.. I love that they still want a valentine from their mom!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cancun!!!! Can I go back?!?!?

This was how Brian spent most of the days. He was able to come and have lunch a few times but mostly he was in meetings.
Me on the other hand spent most of the day lounging on these chairs soaking up the sun and admiring the view!! The Ocean was amazingly blue!
The last day we had the morning to play before we had to fly home. Brian was playing in the ocean and the ocean won. He was body surfing and one of the waves picked him up and threw him face first into the bottom. Notice the nose and forehead!
Eating lunch by the pool after loosing to the ocean. Ceviche with avocado.
I had guacamole which is what I had every day for lunch which some times was breakfast because I did not make it down there till after 11.
I posted this on facebook. For some reason diet coke tastes much better in Mexico. So needless to say that is all that I drank for the whole week!

One of the days I spent shopping in a market. I had quite the adventure I took a bus and when I got back on it was the wrong bus. I ended up down town Cancun which was not a very nice place luckily there was an american couple that pointed me to the right bus and I made it back to the hotel...

I can't wait till we can go back...