Monday, August 31, 2009

Farmer's Market

We have become true Kenoshaites (sp). One saturday we went down to the farmers market by the lake. It was quite fun. My only regret is that I didn't take enough money!

Sister Sylva teaches kids how to decorate cupcake at the market so of course we had to participate!
Ben and his pink cupcake with an army guy!
The girls had a blast and of course were pleased that she had their favorite cupcake colors!

I would have more picture of summer activities but I am still waiting for Leaders (hint hint Seth) to get them to us!
Hopefully they will come soon because Baxter had a total blast at boundry Waters!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family Renunion!

It has been a busy summer and one of the activities was the Bruner Family Renunion. We were in charge this year so every one came out here. We rented a real cool house in the Dells and had a blast for a week!!!
Grandma and grandpa with all 17 Grandchildren!
There was a great pool. We also spent quite a few days at a water park but of course I took no pictures of that!
There was lots of cooking! With 30 people it seemed like we did that alot. This is Brian's Brother. I was in bed with a migrain that morning or maybe I just didn't feel like making pancakes we will never know!
Mari and Cassie were in charge of crafts for all of the kids they made door hangers and the older girls made braclets.
Grandpa was injured or should I say shot in the head by Ben during an airsoft game! He wiped the blood off and kept shooting. Of course after posing for a picture!
Both Cassie and Mari were throwing up and really sick for a few days. They did have some fun!
Such Brotherly Love!!!!
Be Scared Very Scared!!!
Of course we had to teach everyone Ninja and had a few games. Everyone even the little kids got involved!
What a Bunch of NUTS!!!

It was a fun week! My kids miss all of their cousins and are already talking about when we can go out there again! If anyone wants to visit pleasssse do!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One more week!

Just a quick note to say sorry for being gone all summer. When my kids are home it is a fight to get on the computer. So when I do get time. I check email, facebook, and other blogs and that is about all of the time that I have. But school starts next week and I hope to have more time. I will have some make up posts because I am sure you all are just on the edges of you seats to hear what the Bruner Family has been doing all summer. Yes it has been a busy one!!!!