Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy Summer!

This was the first trip of our summer. Mari and I went to girls camp. It was Mari's first year. She absolutely loved it Mari said that the night before camp was like christmas eve she was so excited. I have to say it was fun having Mari there.

Getting ready to go snipe hunting! Those YCL's made sure that the girls all had tooth paste before heading out! It was a successful night!
Mari and her certificate and patch for finishing her first year!!
Mari was quite the shot. Notice her bulls eye!!
As I said before it was a blast having Mari at camp with me. It will be fun in two years when Cassie will be there also.
This was the last day at camp. We were at the water games with our flag.
When Raylene and I were making these shirts Brian was helping and he put one shirt on the board back words so instead of printing on the back it was on the front. That is why everyone is backwards except of Halle.
This is my Joseph Smith picture. One morning we were running a little late! Big surprise! I was walking behind the girls and noticed the sun coming through the trees so I made them stop to take a picture!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Baxter's Bike Accident!

Baxter was mountain bike riding with Bennett. They were riding down a hill and Baxter didn't make the turn and hit a log. He Supermaned over his handle bars. He actually had no injuries except for that perfectly placed stick that went up his nose.

We spent a couple of hours in the ER and had a CAT scan to find out that we needed to go to Burlington's ER which was 45 minutes away.

When the Dr. pulled the stick out both Brian and I were in shock by how big it was!
This was the stick that was stuck up Baxter's nose!
This is a fax of the CAT scan. You can see a darker line on the right side of his nose. That is the stick!
Wasn't sure if he fell off his bike or got beat up!
In our seminary class the kids are always talking about zombies. So we had to take a picture of Baxter zombie!