Sunday, April 26, 2009

Haunted House!!!

We had a great trip to Virginia. One day we went to Baltimore in search of Fort McHenry. We put the address in and went on our way. As we got off the interstate the area started looking pretty dicey. We didn't find Fort Mchenry here instead it was Fort Howard. We started driving around and it seemed like they were all deserted. But we kept seeing signs saying that there was a hospital and we kept wondering where. We decided to take a few pictures of the scary buildings!

This was outside the main building that use to be the hospital.
This was one of the houses.
The scariest part of it all was it had only been empty for 6 years!!! We had to take pictures so we had proof that we were not crazy!!

We did eventually find Fort McHenry.
Pictures to come later!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Flash back Friday!!!!

Here are my flashback pictures!!!
Every spring break we head out to Virginia and Stay with some wonderful friends.
They just happen to have 4 kids almost the same age as mine. Here they are through out the years!
Bennett, Baxter, Mary
Mari, Kate, Sarah
 Drew, Cassie, 
April 2005
Baxter, Bennett, Mary
Drew, Cassie, Kate, Sarah, Mari
The other two little girls are Janet's
April 2007
Baxter, Mary
Bennett, Mari, Sarah, Kate
Drew, Cassie
April 2008
Kate, Drew, Sarah, Cassie, Bennett, Mari, Baxter (Mary was at Band camp)
Summer 2008
Mary, Baxter, Bennett
Sarah, Mari, Kate
Cassie, Drew
April 2009

Hopefully there will be many more years of these to come!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'll Be Back!!!

It has been a while sorry about that. I am in sunny Virginia well at least today will be. I will be back with lots of pictures next week!!!!!