Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scripture Bowl!!!

I couldn't figure out how to make these pictures in order so I will just explain them.

Chris, Sydney, Minlie, and Danejah came in 6th out of 19. Team name Testosterone and the princesses.
This was the winning team. They beat the A team which consisted of Bennett's and Zak's older brothers. Was a sweet win for them! Justin, Colin, Kaili, Bennett, Zak, and me. Team Pure Awesomeness!
Pure Awesome beat A-Team by 1 point. As you can see the other teams weren't real close!!
Pure Awesomeness "DO NOT CROSS!!"
A-Team Baxter, Nathan, Natalie, and Noah, my only senior.

My whole class plus 4. Back row Jalisa (other class), Colin, Justin, Nathan, Minlie(friend), Danejah, Natalie, Sofia (other class), Kaili (other class), Chris.
Front Row Zak, Bennett, Baxter, Noah, Sydney.

Awesome kids! I will miss them over the summer! Looking forward to next year!

I also have to give my class kudos for working all year every friday to become as good as they did!!


Next year 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! ;)
Have a fun summer!!!