Sunday, April 26, 2009

Haunted House!!!

We had a great trip to Virginia. One day we went to Baltimore in search of Fort McHenry. We put the address in and went on our way. As we got off the interstate the area started looking pretty dicey. We didn't find Fort Mchenry here instead it was Fort Howard. We started driving around and it seemed like they were all deserted. But we kept seeing signs saying that there was a hospital and we kept wondering where. We decided to take a few pictures of the scary buildings!

This was outside the main building that use to be the hospital.
This was one of the houses.
The scariest part of it all was it had only been empty for 6 years!!! We had to take pictures so we had proof that we were not crazy!!

We did eventually find Fort McHenry.
Pictures to come later!


The Kindle Family said...

I love all the historical sites and especially the homes in Virginia. There is so much history there!

LeShel said...

those are some seriously dilapidated places. Too bad the kids couldn't get inside. I can just see your boys scaring each other. Oh the fun and memories.

Seth and Julie said...

Some of the apartment buildings in Buffalo, NY look like that first picture.

And you promised more pics so let's see them!

Chris said...

You have 5 kids? :-) Oh ya, you are such fabulous friends that you took one of mine on your fun/scary events.

Found a house here, we could share. LOL

Sera said...

Yes, mom told you about my old men...they are a riot! My new job is one of the reasons I would like to make my profile private. I don't want my clients to be able to hunt me down and find out about my family. So who knows, I will get around to making it private one of these days.