Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One more week!

Just a quick note to say sorry for being gone all summer. When my kids are home it is a fight to get on the computer. So when I do get time. I check email, facebook, and other blogs and that is about all of the time that I have. But school starts next week and I hope to have more time. I will have some make up posts because I am sure you all are just on the edges of you seats to hear what the Bruner Family has been doing all summer. Yes it has been a busy one!!!!


LeShel said...

can't wait to hear all the fun summer updates.

Seth and Julie said...

Awesome, we guilted you into posting again. You will be up bright and early all year so you should have nice long days with lots of time to blog. :)

Sera said...

Yes, when I am there we can have The Office Marathon and watch Strange Brew. BTW, I think I might be there Christmas eve through the weekend of New Years.