Friday, September 19, 2008

Last fling before school started!

Josh and Jody came down a few days to have some fun! So we took our sons to Six Flags. It was a total blast! I always forget how much I love roller coasters!
Jody was to scared to go on the Giant Drop so she was in charge of pictures. Baxter had a penny in his hand to see what would happen when we dropped. It actually flew up so high that we never saw it again. I have to say it was pretty cool.

Don't they all look thrilled to be there. This is one of those awww mom moments! Josh Lyons, Ben, Daffy Duck, Josh Sproul, and Baxter.
The before picture on Raging Bull! Notice how calm everyone looks!
This was the during picture as you can see my boys take after me! Jody was terrified and wouldn't let go of my arm so that was as high as I could raise my hands. Notice Ben behind me. Typical Ben Ben!

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The Pachuilo Family said...

So the picture with all the boys was great, I can't believe how BIG Baxter is. It seems like he has grown so much since we last saw all of you.
Emma I think you need to come and visit us, it would be alot of fun to have you here. Just think about it.