Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm "7" YEAH!!!!

We are a little late on posts. Her birthday is August 24 and we did celebrate on her birthday it just has taken me forever to post them!
The Birthday Girl with Baxter in the traditional birthday hat!

Bennett and Cassie
Best of Friends! Every year on birthdays when the kids give each other presents they have to say something nice and why they love them. Mari said that whenever she gets hurt Cassie always gives her hugs and makes her feel better. Hopefully this lasts! If not we have it recorded to remind them!
Cassie and Mom all of her presents were on Friday because we were not going to have time the day of her birthday.
However we did have time for a special birthday cake that the birthday girl helped mom make!

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The Pachuilo Family said...

Happy late Birthday Cassie, I hope you had a great day!