Friday, September 26, 2008

Ben's first and hopefully not last football game!

This was Ben's first game. It was against Mckinnely. Mahone won 6-0 YEAH!!!! 
During football camp before school started Ben said his heel hurt. We didn't think much of it because his whole body was hurting. He then complained about it a few more times but not all that much. Then one day after practice he said that he had a hard time getting his shoe off because his heel was so swollen. Then it hit me that I totally forgot that I am dealing with a child that has amazing tolerance for pain. When he was little he tore all of the ligaments on the top of his foot and never said anything and we wouldn't of known except he was crawling everywhere instead of walking. Any way back to now. I called our friend who is a podiatrist and before I even finished my sentence he was telling me what it is. He suggested getting Ben in to have xrays. So Oct 1 Ben will be going to see the Dr. Hopefully it will be good news. But in the mean time we could not convince him to not play in that game. So here are the highlights!


Bennett Bunch said...

How exciting for Ben! We're back on the blogosphere, so stop by and say hi.

Sera said...

Hey there. How is Ben doing? Well I hope. I love you guys!