Friday, September 19, 2008


I can't believe that I have a football player. Ben is really enjoying football. He comes home from practice telling us about all of the people he "Layed out"! He is playing Line Backer and loves going after the QB. He comes home with many injuries but has yet to complain. I have to say as much as Brian loves watching football he doesn't get the attitude it takes to play. Both him and Baxter shake their heads when Ben starts talking about taking people out. I love it!!!   He is definately a BENNETT!!!! We gave him the right name!
Oh by the way Ben is the one in the back with the red shirt hanging out!
He just got his game jersy today he is #45. He has a scrimage tomorrow so hopefully more pictures will follow!


TMI said...

Go #45!!!! He may be a Bruner, but he's a Bennett at heart!

Lora said...

Dave and Brad are both playing football right now... it is huge here in Nebraska or Cornhuskerland! It is crazy when you hear one of the parents yelling "COME ON KNOCK THEIR HELMENT OFF!!!" then you look over and notice that it is your husband yelling! I will post some pictures soon and we can compare notes.