Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy Summer!

This was the first trip of our summer. Mari and I went to girls camp. It was Mari's first year. She absolutely loved it Mari said that the night before camp was like christmas eve she was so excited. I have to say it was fun having Mari there.

Getting ready to go snipe hunting! Those YCL's made sure that the girls all had tooth paste before heading out! It was a successful night!
Mari and her certificate and patch for finishing her first year!!
Mari was quite the shot. Notice her bulls eye!!
As I said before it was a blast having Mari at camp with me. It will be fun in two years when Cassie will be there also.
This was the last day at camp. We were at the water games with our flag.
When Raylene and I were making these shirts Brian was helping and he put one shirt on the board back words so instead of printing on the back it was on the front. That is why everyone is backwards except of Halle.
This is my Joseph Smith picture. One morning we were running a little late! Big surprise! I was walking behind the girls and noticed the sun coming through the trees so I made them stop to take a picture!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Baxter's Bike Accident!

Baxter was mountain bike riding with Bennett. They were riding down a hill and Baxter didn't make the turn and hit a log. He Supermaned over his handle bars. He actually had no injuries except for that perfectly placed stick that went up his nose.

We spent a couple of hours in the ER and had a CAT scan to find out that we needed to go to Burlington's ER which was 45 minutes away.

When the Dr. pulled the stick out both Brian and I were in shock by how big it was!
This was the stick that was stuck up Baxter's nose!
This is a fax of the CAT scan. You can see a darker line on the right side of his nose. That is the stick!
Wasn't sure if he fell off his bike or got beat up!
In our seminary class the kids are always talking about zombies. So we had to take a picture of Baxter zombie!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scripture Bowl!!!

I couldn't figure out how to make these pictures in order so I will just explain them.

Chris, Sydney, Minlie, and Danejah came in 6th out of 19. Team name Testosterone and the princesses.
This was the winning team. They beat the A team which consisted of Bennett's and Zak's older brothers. Was a sweet win for them! Justin, Colin, Kaili, Bennett, Zak, and me. Team Pure Awesomeness!
Pure Awesome beat A-Team by 1 point. As you can see the other teams weren't real close!!
Pure Awesomeness "DO NOT CROSS!!"
A-Team Baxter, Nathan, Natalie, and Noah, my only senior.

My whole class plus 4. Back row Jalisa (other class), Colin, Justin, Nathan, Minlie(friend), Danejah, Natalie, Sofia (other class), Kaili (other class), Chris.
Front Row Zak, Bennett, Baxter, Noah, Sydney.

Awesome kids! I will miss them over the summer! Looking forward to next year!

I also have to give my class kudos for working all year every friday to become as good as they did!!


Next year 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! ;)
Have a fun summer!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mormon Prom

Mormon Prom was on good friday. There was an amazing turn out. This is only the third year they have done this. The first year I helped a ton and it was in our ward building. There were around 80 kids. The next year the stake took over and did it at the stake center there were around 150 kids. This year they rented a hall out in Lake Geneva and there were almost 300 kids. Each year it gets bigger and bigger.
Baxter and 4 other guys from our ward had dinner at our house before the dance. We worked actually I should say Baxter and Jody Lyons worked all day on getting our basement turned into a restaurant. Mari, Cassie, Holly and Caleb were the servers. It was a fun night.
The beautiful girls! Hannah Lyons, Hannah, Sofia Calderwood, Fernanda Flores and Lizzy
The handsome looking guys!
Noah Kjar, Chris Seivert, Baxter, Justin Forsberg, and Chase Junge.
Baxter went with Sofia! Cute aren't they?
Our friends daughter Hannah came down and went with Noah Kjar.

Over all it was a fun night. They also took pictures at the Prom as soon as I have those I will post them!!

Till Next Year!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Bennett

Oh how fast they all grow up!! Today Bennett is 15 where did the time go?

This picture was taken when Bennett was in kindergarten. I asked him how he was going to smile for his picture and this is the face he pulled. After many hours of telling him that he needed to smile this is what came back on picture day!! Ya got to love Bennett! He has always done things the way that he wants. He is very headstrong, kind, loving and caring. He always is watching out for those who need protection!!

Happy Birthday Bennett

The picture below was taken by his brother last week.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Here we go to yet another Doctor!! Baxter is still having stomach problems. He came home on Wed and said he will go on any diet I want to put him on that will make him better. A friend suggest Gluten Free. So that is what we tried. He has been doing that since Thursday. He said that there has been somewhat of a difference..

Now comes the bad news. A friend suggested a new GI Dr. I have an appointment on Friday. Which is good news but for them to be able to test to see what he has he has to eat Gluten. So he gets to go back to eating what he wants but also deal with the pain.

So until Friday that is all we know....

Monday, February 14, 2011


You can't go wrong with a Disney Valentine!!
When the kids were little I would always leave a bag of goodies for them to find on valentines day. I made the bags last week and had them in my room. After seminary this morning the boys asked if I had presents for them.. I love that they still want a valentine from their mom!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cancun!!!! Can I go back?!?!?

This was how Brian spent most of the days. He was able to come and have lunch a few times but mostly he was in meetings.
Me on the other hand spent most of the day lounging on these chairs soaking up the sun and admiring the view!! The Ocean was amazingly blue!
The last day we had the morning to play before we had to fly home. Brian was playing in the ocean and the ocean won. He was body surfing and one of the waves picked him up and threw him face first into the bottom. Notice the nose and forehead!
Eating lunch by the pool after loosing to the ocean. Ceviche with avocado.
I had guacamole which is what I had every day for lunch which some times was breakfast because I did not make it down there till after 11.
I posted this on facebook. For some reason diet coke tastes much better in Mexico. So needless to say that is all that I drank for the whole week!

One of the days I spent shopping in a market. I had quite the adventure I took a bus and when I got back on it was the wrong bus. I ended up down town Cancun which was not a very nice place luckily there was an american couple that pointed me to the right bus and I made it back to the hotel...

I can't wait till we can go back...