Friday, April 29, 2011

Mormon Prom

Mormon Prom was on good friday. There was an amazing turn out. This is only the third year they have done this. The first year I helped a ton and it was in our ward building. There were around 80 kids. The next year the stake took over and did it at the stake center there were around 150 kids. This year they rented a hall out in Lake Geneva and there were almost 300 kids. Each year it gets bigger and bigger.
Baxter and 4 other guys from our ward had dinner at our house before the dance. We worked actually I should say Baxter and Jody Lyons worked all day on getting our basement turned into a restaurant. Mari, Cassie, Holly and Caleb were the servers. It was a fun night.
The beautiful girls! Hannah Lyons, Hannah, Sofia Calderwood, Fernanda Flores and Lizzy
The handsome looking guys!
Noah Kjar, Chris Seivert, Baxter, Justin Forsberg, and Chase Junge.
Baxter went with Sofia! Cute aren't they?
Our friends daughter Hannah came down and went with Noah Kjar.

Over all it was a fun night. They also took pictures at the Prom as soon as I have those I will post them!!

Till Next Year!!!!

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Seth and Julie said...

300! This thing has really taken off over the years.