Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breakfast at Frank's diner

They let us go behind the counter to take a picture!
The boys happened to have the day off on Grandma's birthday so by her request we went to breakfast at Frank's. Happy Birthday Grandma!!!
This was from this summer when they were here!

This is a video made just for Grandma! Enjoy!!!!
Pause the music on the side before playing,


Sera said...

So cute! I know she will love it; she will watch it and start to cry (that is a good sign that Baxter did well).

temaire said...

I just talked to your mom yesterday and she told me that she told you (no this is not a Laurel and Hardy sketch) to go to that diner and eat a plate of garbage for her. Fun to see the picks! :) Hope she/you had a great birthday breakfast!

TMI said...

That is darling. We love Grandma too!

Sera said...

I will definitely try to keep you being the "cool" mom by knowing the latest music. But I will need to know what type Baxter and Ben likes (Indie, pop, acoustic, hip-hop, R&B) - yes there might be some hip-hop that you give the stamp of approval on. Working with teens keeps me young in some senses (mainly with music/movies/gaming).