Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ben's first Priesthood session.

What a group of handsome guys!

This picture had to be taken just for Drew! 
Baxter claims his is the best. What do you think Chris


TMI said...

Handsome guys always look best when they're doing their church callings, don't you think? You must be so proud of your boys!

Sera said...

Yay, for Ben! I cannot believe how big he is, and Baxter too! I have so many fun memories of Ben when he was still big enough to fit in my arms. What a cutie he was...what ever happened?!? (J/K) Tell him congrats and that I love him.

Chris said...

I think it is a perfect! The best yet. I laugh everytime I see pictures you do like this. Almost all of mine of Drew are this way.

When did Ben grow up?

Emma said...

I am amazed that my kids are so old! Ben has grown in height and maturity! Just in the last month!