Thursday, October 2, 2008

To all of you out there waiting anxiously on the end of your seats to hear the outcome of Ben here goes. The Dr. said that there is no fracture in the growth plate which is good news. He did however say something about it seperating. The solution is no football for 2 weeks and he needs to stay off his feet as much as possible. He has to take anti inflamatories for 2 weeks then it is back to the Dr. to hopefully get the ok to play football. We shall see!

By the way Sera! When are you going to get a blog?


Sera said...

I have of two days ago. I am sure my comment link should take you to it! Tell Ben that I hope he heals quickly and is back to pummeling people out on the field!

Chris said...

Ouch. That is a bummer. I hope he gets better quickly.

Paul & Esther Duhacek said...

Glad to hear he's doing good. 2 weeks should fly for him! Paul & I were thinking the other day the next time we go to dinner, we should try That's Amore on Hwy 100, it's close to church. Is Ben attending Beehive/Deacon next weekend?