Monday, December 7, 2009

A bit more traveling left to do!!! Need to visit back east!

visited 30 states (60%)
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TMI Tara said...


I've been to every state except Alaska & Hawaii, but most of them I went to when I was too young to remember. We had a map like this on our motorhome, and we would put a sticker on each state when we went to it. Sometimes, we would drive and drive, just to hit the state line so we could say we went there, then we'd turn around to go somewhere we actually *wanted* to visit. LOL! I think it's so important to travel with your kids and show them the world!

Wow, I really ramble, don't I? lol! Love ya!

Janet said...

Come visit the sites in upstate NY when the Riker's are in pageant!


Seth and Julie said...

I'm with haven't been to New York??? Go to Palmyra. That's an order...and I'll go to Nauvoo since I haven't hit that one yet.

The Pachuilo Family said...

Hey it looks like you have NEVER been to WA, you should plan to come up sometime. We are always ready for visitors.