Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Next?

We have had the worst of luck lately! I keep telling Brian it is time to move! This is the longest we have ever lived anywhere and our house is starting to show it. Everything is breaking. First our Air conditioner broke.
Then we had to replace the microwave. Which was quite daunting at first considering my husband is not the best at things like that. We bought it and with the help of me and Baxter Brian succeeded in putting up the microwave. It hasn't fallen yet! Knock on wood!

Then it was the toaster which didn't cost quite as much but a pain to replace still the same. The one we had was from Mexico. The new one is not as good as that one was oh well!

Now we move on the our new fridge. We had company this weekend and were confused that our ice maker wasn't working. Then we started noticing that everything was thawing. Luckily we happen to have a fridge downstairs so we moved everything downstairs. Every day I get to hear about what a pain it is to have to go down stairs anytime anyone needs anything. We thought about not buying a new one but then realized we need two because where else are we going to put 8 gallons of milk? So off tonight to buy a new one.
Last but not least our dryer stopped working much to my disappointment and Brian's jubilation the dryer was able to be fixed so I still don't have the above dryer that I would love to have! ;(

So that makes #5. They say things come in threes. What is next to make it an even 6??? The boys (all of them) are rooting for the TV!!!


dougandcheryl said...

Oh man. I hope you will break the 'threes' rule and not have anything else go out.
I think Doug would be rooting for the tv too.. I mean it's so much easier to justify buying a cooler one when the old one breaks.

Seth and Julie said...

I hear you loud and clear. We have been here almost 5 years and it is time to declutter and upgrade...EVERYTHING! New carpet, new appliances, new furniture. It all looks tired. We have done the broken heater thing, twice. The dishwasher. The oven, twice. The washing machine. Water damage under the 2 month old pergo. So expensive and annoying. Everytime we get a little extra money I can bet on something breaking, but there is a blessing in the timing.

Katelin said...

That's quite a list! Yikes!

LeShel said...


I'd tell the boys to stop hoping the TV breaks! I'd look at that as an opportunity to NOT replace.

temaire said...

What a run of bad luck! Hopefully it will stop at 5! Good luck!

Heather n Ryan said...

Im afraid we may have the same luck in the future. Everything we have was basically bought around the same 5-10 years ago. So Im sure they will go out around the smae time. I keep telling Ryan they need to be replaced, but I guess we are waiting until we have your experience and have no choice but to replace! Hopefully you will save money on efficiency of the newer appliances!