Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lehi's Dream

In seminary today we talked about Lehi's dream. I put out a bunch of random things and barbies and gave each of them a scripture and they had to come up with that scene using what they could find. It was fun!

This is Danejah with Lehi and an angel talking to him leading him to the Tree.
This was Baxter's interpretation of the iron rod and the straight and narrow path.
Chris and the multitude of people on the path before they fell away.
This was after the mist of darkness (wind breaker) over took the people and they fell away.
This is Noah and the great and spacious building!

After we were done I passed out candy to a few of the kids and asked them to describe what it tasted like. Then I gave them the choice to share or not. Being the good kids that they are they all shared. It was a great morning!!


LeShel said...

super fun, great kids!

Seth and Julie said...

Sounds like fun. That would be a fun family home evening too. Thanks for sharing.

I think I may just have to show up at your house one morning at 6:00. I never went to seminary and it sounds like I missed out.

Tanya said...

Barbie Dolls! Now that's funny.....

TMI Tara said...

The spacious building with the posh barbies are my favorites! lol love it!