Monday, September 14, 2009

Seminary Rocks!!!

If any one has been reading my facebook will know that I am into week three of Seminary. Last May when I was called by the bishop after complaining about not winning the seminary bowl to be seminary teacher. I have had all summer to get use to the idea and sleep in. Because now that school has started I am up by 5:30 every morning. Believe it or not I am loving it.

It has been hard to admit that because I love to complain about how much I hate getting up in the morning. As some people know I don't even answer the phone before 9 on non school days! I am the first to admit that getting up has not been easy as I am usually plagued by migraines. I have only had one this week and it was nocked out pretty fast by excedrine!

I think part of the joy is that I have the best kids in the world! I am sure as the year goes on they will become more tired and not participate as much but I will just enjoy what they are now! They all pretty much stay awake and participate.

Fridays have been a blast! We have been working on Scripture Mastery on Friday. They definitely perk up! Especially when the candy comes out!!!

I also have enjoyed the daily scripture study that I have had! I am learning right along with the kids. I only went to one year of seminary and it was Old Testament. So studying the BOM has been wonderful! I am sure Brian is getting tired of listening to all of the discoveries I am making which I am sure he learned in Seminary. But he has been patient and acted interested!!!

I better be off to finish preparing my lesson!


Katelin said...

Go you! I'm sure you're doing an awesome job, and the kids are lucky to have you and your candy!

Erin said...

Sounds like fun! Not the 5:30 part but the seminary part.