Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day!

As the song says it is the day to get ready for Sunday. Our saturdays are so hectic it seems like we are just trying to catch up on everything that we missed doing during the week. I never have time to think about getting ready for Sunday! Sometime it does happen around 11 which then will include some sort of run to Woodman's to get something that we happened to forget during the day!

What do you all think about Saturday and are you able to get ready for Sunday!! Please shared how!!


LeShel said...

i thought when we ran around crazy cleaning up the messes from the week we were getting ready for Sunday.

Seth and Julie said...

I play on Saturdays and scramble around Sunday morning looking for clean tights for the girls and the least wrinkled shirt for Alex. And you wondered why we were always rolling in to Sacrament meeting at 9:00.

Tonight I am laying everyone's clothes out before bed time. I say that every week though.

The Kindle Family said...

I always set out Sunday clothes Saturday evening. And just by trying to make the house clean, it is a lot more pleasant on Sunday! We miss you guys and Kenosha!

Heather n Ryan said...

We probably should do a lot more prep work for Sunday, on Saturday...especailly with Ryan being gone. But we just rush in the mornings to get all the hair done, shoes found, and diaper bag ready to go. We must be getting help from above, because somehow we still make it there pretty much on time.
Saturday for us is just busy with yard work, and hopefully some play time, since there is no time to play during the rest of the week.

Katelin said...

I don't like cleaning and "working" on Saturdays, so I try to get things done enough on Friday to be able to play on Saturday, but we are quite often out of milk on Sundays, so I must not do too great at my planning. Oh, and my house is pretty much a complete disaster on Mondays as a rule! So basically, don't listen to any of my advice! :o)