Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas fun!!

I know it has taken forever to update my post. But Christmas has been a little more hectic then usual!!! We had Grandma and Grandpa and Sera here. That was a blast!!! We also had some sad news which I will expand on later!! Over all it was a great Christmas!!!


Heather n Ryan said...

Oh, the fun! We love foos ball (sp?), and rock band. Didnt know they had a lego one, thats cool. I love that Bennett built that house for Cassie. Homeade gifts rock and it looks awesome!

Seth and Julie said...

I also love the house that Ben built for Cassie. How sweet is that? I hope she knows that not all teenage brothers are that cool!

I am sorry to hear that sad news snuck it's way in to your holidays. I hope everything is okay!

LeShel said...

You know it was a good Christmas when you've worn out grandma and grandpa. Hooray that they were with you! I'm glad Sera could join in the festivities also.

Love the homemade gift... so cool!

Also love anything Lego!

Foosball is on our list of ways to keep the boys entertained!

Hope your family is doing okay.

Nana said...

Loved the slide show. Looks like you had a fun Christmas. Merle playing ping pong? Pretty good.