Monday, June 8, 2009

American Girl Doll Lunch!

At School they had a raffle. All of the teachers offered to do things. Mari won an American Girl Doll Lunch!

This is Mrs. Gorr. She is Mari's 4th grade teacher.
This is Jillian and her doll Emily with Mari and Kit!
These are all of the girls that won.
Mari and Kit. She had a total blast!!!!!


LeShel said...

that looks like super fun!!

Heather n Ryan said...

Oh! Thats Katelins little friend Elizabeth! She told me that she had won, and she was thinking that they got to go to the American Girl Doll store and get a new doll...and that she would be able to bring her with her. I didnt think it was that good, but the lunch looks like fun too! Congrats on winning...we never win anything, so thats pretty awesome!

Debbie said...

What an adorable idea. Looks like she had a blast!

I had an AGD when I was little and now I'm going to pass it on to my 6 year old. I've been saving it for her and I think she's ready to take good care of it. I remember having a pj party with a few of my friends and their dolls (it was more like a tea party though) and we made little pj's for our dolls. It was mostly just a simple straight stitch up the sides of the fabric. Good memories.