Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Virginia Pictures!

These are the three boys Baxter 15, Bennett 13, and Drew 6.
Here are the ever so lovely girls. Mary almost 16, Kate 12, Mari 10, Sarah 10, and Cassie 7. Aren't they just the cutest!!
Here we are at our annual "Red Robin" dinner. Chris, Alan, Kate, Sarah, Mari, Baxter, Mary, Drew, Bennett, Brian, and Cassie!!! This was of course followed by ice cream at Friendly's. We all gained about 10 pounds that night. Every year both Brian and Alan suggest going to the local grocery store and just buying a gallon of ice cream but they never win!!!
Here we are at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Baxter looks a little wet because it was pouring outside and he had to go feed the meter!
Here is Ben with all of the necessary items to blow things up. He had to give Drew a few lessons. Drew only has sisters so he had a lot to learn from Ben and Ben was more than willing to teach!!!

Thanks Chris and Alan we had a great time and are counting down the days till next spring break. Unless we make a summer visit again!!!!


Chris said...

Cute pics! Did you know our sweet little girlies are actually 10 years old, even if we wish they were only 8. =)

Chris said...

PS come back this summer!! You are always welcome we LOVE having you!

LeShel said...

I just love your kids!
They are so great!
Thanks for posting the fun pics.

Tanya said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. You've got some fun pictures.

Seth and Julie said...

Hey they had Friendly's in New York. I forgot all about that place...probably because I was a missionary and never had the time or money to go there.

Anyhow, fun trip. I love vacation!!! Thanks for finally posting pics.

temaire said...

Okay, what things are they blowing up, and how did they do it? lol

Kathy said...

I remember them back before they were born! It's a little bit of a shock to see them so grown up! You guys must be doing a good job.