Saturday, May 9, 2009

Virginia pictures finally!!!

I have finally developed all of my pictures so I can share our fun vacation with you all!!!
After getting lost we finally found Ft. McHenry.

Ft. McHenry is where the Star Spangled Banner was written. There is a cool story behind it. I will try my best to remember. When the British were attacking Baltimore this is the Fort that was protecting the city. Francis Key was captured on one of the British ships out in the Harbor. When the bombing finally stopped and he was on a boat back home, he wrote the Star Spangled Banner about what he was seeing. They have a movie here that you watch that tell the story and when they are at the end they start playing the Star Spangled Banner and they open a curtain to the scene above. It is very moving!
Brian, Bennett, Baxter, Mari, Drew, and Cassie. Drew is the Riker's little boy. He stayed home from school to come on our adventure with us. Really what little or big boys don't like forts???
These are all of the cannons that are around the outside of the Fort.
We really couldn't go to Baltimore without finding Charm City Cakes. They do not have tours and will not let you inside. So we just got pictures. I have to say it was in a very scary neighborhood!


The Pachuilo Family said...

Ok maybe I am put of the loop but what is Charm City Cakes? I hope I don't look like an idiot asking what it is, I just don't know.
And did you just say that you developed your pictures? Do you still use film?

Ryan n Heather said...

I too am ignorant. I thought the same thing...what are Charm City Cakes? Looks like a cool place to visit.

Sera said...

I love that show. I would love a pic outside charm city cakes. And just in case some one else does not know what it "Ace of Cakes" on food network.

temaire said...

Ace of Cakes! Duff totally rocks! lol How fun to go there! Good thing that Drew does not live in fort is worth missing school to them! lol Looks like you have fun.