Monday, June 1, 2009


I have always hating walking for exercise! I go to the gym almost everyday and ride the bike. I like to do that for a few reasons. First I can read and that is a good thing because I like to read every chance I get and that is strike #1 against walking! Second it does not make my legs hurt like walking does. Everybody keeps telling me that I should walk. So today I gave in and walked around the outside track at the "Y".

I have to admit defeat!! It really wasn't that bad. I have decided that every time that I have tried walking it has been with someone. I really believe that everybody that I know must have longer legs than I do. I always hated walking because I would get horrible cramps in my legs because I was always trying to keep up with who I was walking with. Today I was by myself and it was not as painful.

So I guess my conclusion is that if there is anyone out there who has legs shorter than mine is welcome to walk with me. Otherwise I guess I am on my own!!!


Seth and Julie said...

That's funny because I HATE exercising but I LOVE walking. It doesn't feel like exercise to me. I do walk really fast though so I guess we can't be walking partners.

Nana said...

I enjoy walking alone too. Well w/ my dog.

The thing that is holding me back lately is the HILL at the end of the street that I can't get away from. That thing kicks my butt until I get used to it. I have to say I'm not in the mood.

Debbie said...

This cracked me up. I'm 5'2" so I generally have to walk quickly to match people's pace so I'm right there with ya. :)