Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Trunk or Treating!!!


What a couple of cute witches. They both wanted to be the same thing. So today we went searching for costumes. After realizing that even with 60% off the costumes were still going to be over $30 we went to goodwill. 

This is Ben and his friend Anthony.
 This year in english they read The Outsiders. They decided to be Greasers for Halloween.
They were surprised that I was able to get their hair like that and make the bruises.
 I guess I am still a cool mom!

Chris and Natalie Seivert called Baxter today to set this up.
We have Michael with his burned foot from the Foreman grill.
Jim you can have him regular Jim or three hole punch Jim.
Last but not least an adorable Pam.

This was our decorated trunk. 
The boys were going for the win.
But someone else won. Maybe next year!!!!


TMI said...

Love the costumes and trunk decor! You totally should have won!!!

dougandcheryl said...

I thought your trunk would win....
oh I thought the hole punch Jim was the best. I wondered if very many people saw the Office the other day and knew what he was.
Happy Halloween.

Tanya said...

If the fog machine would have been working you may have won..... SORRY!

The Pachuilo Family said...

I love the costumes especially "The Office" ones. Tell Baxter and his friends that there's were the best so far! You just forgot Dwight. We LOVE the office. I didn't know you watched it, we think it's hilarious.