Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Canoe Trip in October????

Baxter's school went on a canoe trip to practice their observation skills that they have been learning. They also taught them orienteering. This has to be one of the awesome things about the school that he goes to. They just don't sit in a class room to learn they actually put to use the things that they are being taught!

These are Baxter's friends Mason Waynes, Macie Wright, and Steven Kopera. This was after the canoe trip. Those Boys just soaked poor Macie!
Baxter digging for the hidden treasure that they never found.
Happy to be canoeing. This is on Pike Creek which empties into Lake Michigan. He got comments on what a good rower he was. All those years at scout camp finally paid off!
Baxter and Courtney going down the river.


temaire said...

How fun! We should have had field trips like that!

The Pachuilo Family said...

That is so cool that his school gets out and does such fun things. We never did anything like that. Looks like he had a blast.