Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doctor visit!

This was Baxter's first time having his blood drawn. He was scared I would say a little but it really was alot. He was shaking! He did great and even watched her take the second vial! He did better than his dad does!
When it was all over the Dr. gave him stickers because he was so brave!


TMI said...

He is so brave, I'm glad he got some stickers!!! Too funny.

I was even a phlebotomist for several years, but I can't handle watching my blood drawn. I have to look away and clench my teeth. Poking other people - no problem. But I don't want someone sticking me with sharp objects!

temaire said...

I still get scared everytime I have to give blood. That darn needle is so big!

Sera said...

Very impressive Baxter! Can't say I have ever had to give more than one vial. Double kudos for stickers! BTW, I really like the hair!

The Pachuilo Family said...

I don't blame you I hat giving blood too. I can watch after they have the needle in and they are drawing the blood, just not when they stick me. Be glad you didn't have to give 4 big tubes of blood.
I hope the stickers made it all better, because I know that works for Christopher.