Sunday, February 1, 2009

Two Front Teeth!

Cassie has finally joined the ranks of people with no front teeth. Hopefully she won't be like the rest of the kids who took forever for their teeth to come in. If that is the case it will be another year of no corn this summer!!! Instead of all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth it is all I want for summer is my two front teeth.


LeShel said...

it makes for a super cute smile though

Ryan n Heather said...

I find it so funny that kids gets so excited to lose their teeth, but they are so self concious about their looks in any other department. I actually was missing my two front teeth during Christmas time, but Santa and the tooth fairy dont coordinate that well, so I didnt get them back in time for Christmas. Maybe the Easter Bunny will do a better job for Cassie.

Nana said...

Oh, she is adorable!! I think she could pull off the no teeth look.

Nana said...

I just thought you would want to know that Yummy Mummy's,Cynthiaa, well her baby Aiden died in the womb. He was strangled by the cord.
He was due in 2 wks. What sad sad news.

Seth and Julie said...

You look great Cassie! Alyssa just lost her first tooth and she is so excited to lose more of them.