Monday, January 26, 2009

I just love Texting!!!!

I had a diet Pepsi (just for Tami) in my car and it was so cold this is what happened when Baxter brought it in. Nothing melts when it is below zero!
I just have a few thoughts on texting. I have to admit it is an effective way to get answers to short questions real quick.I use it when I need to get in touch with Brian when he is in a meeting. I am also learning that it is the only way that I can ever get ahold of my two boys. I am not sure that Baxter is even aware that a cell phone is actually used for talking. I can call his phone and he will not answer but if I text I get a response within minutes!!!!!

My other pet peeve about texting is that I will ask them to do things they will respond and have to idea what I just said because they are texting. Driving in the car is another one. I have to say it is not very fun driving in a car with a person who is texting!!! Baxter is so good that he can text while his phone is in his pocket and only needs to take it out to read it.

I really think that my child might not be able to function very well if he didn't have his cell phone!!! Someday I plan on teaching him how to use the call function. Until then I just hope he doesn't wear out his keys.
As you can see in the picture below texting stops for nothing!!!!


Sera said...

He looks like the teens I work with. I will call them to change appointments and they won't answer, but text them and I have an answer in seconds...I remember my first cell phone was not capable of texting. I am even old school because I don't have a camera phone. Eh, I like TALKING on my phone!

penb said...

I do like texting for times when I need to get a message out to extended family and friends but I do not necessarily want to talk to them, such as when my husband is admitted to the hospital. His side of the family I swear adults and teens alike have their phones implanted on them, because they all respond within seconds. It cracks me up!

tara @ kidz said...

Love it!

I mainly use texting for when I want to send a simple message to more than one person. Then I don't have to call and do small talk to get to my simple message, and if they don't answer - leave a message and wait for them to call me back. Anyway, that's almost the only time I use it. Otherwise it's rather annoying. Especially when driving! Just teach Baxter it's okay to text while he's a passenger in the car, but not while he's driving! We call that in-text-icated driving, and it's just as dangerous as intoxicated driving! (and annoying).

Paul and Esther Duhacek said...

I think it's the fad for the youth of today! they have a lot to say but it's in texting format! lol .. also, I was so against it because I felt you can call them but my side of the family uses it and it's crazy!!! I don't know what to say! but I have fallen into the fad stage as well .. sometimes its easier to get an answer out of me with texting then on the phone! lol .. i know .. lamo! :-)

Nana said...

That is why I will not get into the texting frenzy. That and I can't catch on. The Pepsi looks great by the way.