Saturday, January 10, 2009


We started getting dumped on last night so Brian and I went and bought some new sleds to surprise the kids. Then we all went sledding together.
Mari getting ready to go.
Cassie with a little help from dad.
Baxter waiting his turn.
Even Dad went a few times. So did mom but since I am the one putting the pictures on here they didn't quite make it.
This was Mari coming down the hill backwards right before she took out this poor kid. For some reason the kids kept walking up the middle of the hill instead of the side.
Baxter and Dad right before the wipe out!
Baxter in the after math!
We all had a fun day and lots of Hot Chocolate!!!

The video below was filmed by Brian as he was going down it is quite entertaining!


tara @ kidz said...

Looks like so much fun (cold - but fun)!

Love the video. And that last pic of Baxter is priceless!

dougandcheryl said...

Where is there to go sledding around here? It looks like fun.

Nana said...

You know that's how Jamie lost his spleen! I cannot endorse your fun.
I am glad you had fun though and nobody lost a spleen. Oh and HAPPY B-Day Marie. I know I am late as usual. Oh and I will make you some divinity Emma.

Tanya said...

I think it's great and all that you went sledding but wasn't it freezing outside? Saturday right?