Thursday, February 5, 2009

Braces come off (at least till all her teeth are in!)

Last day with braces for a few years any way!
No more brackets and slimy teeth!
Then comes the retainer. She also has one behind her bottom teeth.
It is way cute the sing a little song about having a beautiful smile. Then they give them a bag of all the candy that they haven't been able to eat.


The Russell's said...

time for a caramel apple in between!

Seth and Julie said...

I wanted braces so badly that I would put paper clips in my mouth to pretend. Now I know what I was missing, a bag of candy!!!! So unfair.

Nana said...

Ohhhhhh, too cute, she is growing up really really fast!

LeShel said...

super fun!!

Anonymous said...

First off, both your girls have adorable smiles!! Also, I figured you were Baxter with the comment...thank you for that!

Jamie said...

Thanks for stopping by! When I had my braces I could hardly wait to get them off so I could eat all the "forbidden foods".