Friday, May 9, 2008

Today is Friday and it is the season for Garage sales or rummage sales as they say here. As I was driving around and missing my good garage sale buddy who now lives in Virginia I came upon a much wanted item. We have been talking about getting a Ping Pong table for a few years now. We have always said that when the basement is cleaned up of all of the toys that the kids don't play with any more that we would buy one. Well I found one today for $20. Couldn't turn that down. So hopefully the idea of a ping pong table in the garage waiting to be put up will get the kids to start helping with the basement. We shall see!!!


Chris said...

Got your message. :-( I wish I were garage saling too. Cool find though!! Mary said you were having a party with the table.

Tasharoo said...

My Parker would DIE for a ping pong table...he was the champ in 7th grade gym.