Friday, April 18, 2008

But I have to admit that the highlight for my kids was not seeing the President and his Wife or being that close to the White House! Yes the best part for them was being 3 feet from the Jonas Brothers. I do have to admit however that the many (every) morning that we listen to them that they are starting to grow on me. I actually listened to them this morning in the car with no children. Yes it is true my children have finally gotten to my sense of what good music is!!!

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Anonymous said...

EMMA!!! I love seeing your cute family. It has been so long everyone has grown so much. I showed Dave and Brad the pictures to see if they could remember their friends from Mexico. Brad doen't remember (I guess he was only three) but David can a little. We have such good memories of "Club Bruner" and allt he fun times we had together!