Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 6 Hollywood Studios for the last time!

They were performing songs from the HSM3. Mari actually got to go up and dance but Brian didn't get a picture of that because he was video taping it.
Doesn't Baxter just looked thrilled to be having his picture taken? These also were shirts #6. I had run out of Ideas so everyone got to choose their own. Cassie had Cinderella, Mari Belle, Bennett Tower of Terror, Baxter Rock'n Roller Coaster, Brian and Autumn a little Mickey on the pocket, and I just had a blue shirt. Yes I am boring!
My "Incredible" GUYS!!!
This was Autumn being a Movie star. They were filming and her ship was sinking and she just got blasted with water. It was pretty cool. She did get wet however!
Waiting in line at the new Toy Story ride which was lots of fun. We were bummed that we only got to go once. We had a fast pass so we only had to wait in line 15 minutes. The stand by line was over 90 minutes which is why we did not go agian! Maybe next time.
Ben being Ben!
This was Brian's turn to be a star. He got to be an extra in the Indiana Jones show. Pretty cool!
Two years ago when we went to Disney we kept getting Magic Fast Passes. This year we just kept getting these. We had to take them to the front of the line so they could tell how long the wait was!
Ben waited all week for this and finally got a turkey leg for dinner on the last day. This is the conclusion of our vacation. We had a total blast and can't wait to go again. Brian informed me that we have been home for 18 days. I am waiting for him to start planning for the next one. Maybe he'll start after christmas!!!


tara @ kidz said...

The kiddos will always remember these trips. So special and fun! Man I'm cheesy. ;O)

dougandcheryl said...

These posts are so much fun. I can't wait to go! I have no idea when it will be.. but I can't wait.

Nana said...

So many cute pictures!! Emma, Emma,
send cash will send candy. It's
$35.00 a lb. these days.

partyhare said...

How lucky to be picked for Indiana Jones AND the Backlot Tour!
I try to make my family wear Disney shirts at least one day when we go to the Magic Kingdom, and I might try to see if we can all wear Disney hats for our day in the Studios!
I had a friend Bruner in Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom game, so "Bruner" always is linked to Disney to me :)